Saints and Sinners

Album: The Saints and Sinners (2011)

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Song: Come and get it

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Calling The Saints and Sinners a "New band" would be a vast understatement when describing the groups history of well-seasoned musicians. Despite having a fairly short Résumé, they've managed to make a memorable name for themselves, in a rather unmemorable environment. Hailing from Wilmington, California, a port town surrounded by refineries and a series of permanent way systems, The Saints and Sinners managed to create music that resonates throughout the local music scene louder than the otherwise industrialized noises made by the city. While most bands would look toward a more appealing scenery for creativity, they utilized the cities gritty surroundings as a backdrop for ideas and inspiration. This made Wilmington a veritable pool of musical influence, which is evident in every song they perform. It all started when members from various local bands decided to collaborate in 2006 with one aspiration in mind - Create a band with an eclectic sound that will appeal to the masses, and more importantly will showcase their passion for music.

With a consistently exciting blend of musical sounds ranging from kick ass punk-rock driven tracks to easy going bluesy tunes, The Saints and Sinners have proven that their ability to adapt to various music genres makes them not only engaging but also very marketable, without compromising the bands musical aesthetic. Today, they continue to add to their ever growing list of musical accomplishments. Their song 'One Summer night' from the album 'Calling' was featured in the February 2010 compilation 'California Love', released by Quote Your Pulse Records. They have also been featured on several radio outlets including: FatCat Radio, Radio Ugly, and Radio. With two albums under their belt, a new album scheduled for release in 2011, and a video in the works for the song 'Dark Days and Alley Ways' from the album 'Calling', The Saints and Sinners are destined for a long and successful future